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This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Way back in the early 90s when I started my career, all you needed to have then was a school certificate. That is still the requirement in many advanced countries. But in Nigeria, that changed with ADC and Bellview Airlines. These …

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Tips for Cabin Crew Interview Success

    The initial Topic i wanted to treat today was to add an addendum to the last Topic.”Why you are yet to get that Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant job, based on the feedback i received on the topic. But due to popular demand, I have decided to treat today’s topic …

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Why You Are Yet To Get That Flight Attendant Job In Nigeria

Majority of the young friends i add on any of my social media handles all have similar request, “Please help me to get a job.” “I am a trained and licensed crew, I need a job.” ‘I just finished school, how can you assist me.” “Connect me to someone for …

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How to boost your chances of getting that flight Attendant Job in Nigeria (2)

6. APPROPRIATE HEIGHT  Height range may vary from airline to airline. The size of aircraft cabin and head room may also determine the height range in some Airlines.  The most common height range is between 5ft 2in and 6ft 2in. However, this may reduce if the aircraft is smaller. You …

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How to boost your chances of getting that flight Attendant Job in Nigeria (1)

Today, there are millions of Nigerians out there, who are jostling for the very few flight Attendant jobs available. If you are amongst them, how do you stand out? Here is the checklist. 1. IF YOU ARE TRAINED AND LICENSED Due to the ever increasing cost of running Airlines, most …

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How To Get that Flight Attendant Job in Nigeria

  The most common and over whelming request i receive daily, is that of Assistance for the job of a Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew. it is such an eye opener for me, to know the number of people who desire the job of a flight attendant. Honestly, is quite enormous. Sadly, I …

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