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Female Pilot in Nigeria: Capt. Mercy Temitope Eghonghon

Today is the international women’s day.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2019, is “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change. ”

In line with this special day, we have decided to feature some of our Aviation Amazons. Women in Aviation who are changing the narratives around the female gender. These are women with compelling and inspiring stories in Nigeria and around the world.  They are doing us proud, have braved all odds and redefined womanhood. Women who are holding their own and have continously pushed boundaries and proven to the world that their place is no longer in the Kitchen and the other room…… .

Meet Capt. Mercy Temitope Eghonghon of Bristow Helicopters. She is a female Pilot in Nigeria and comes from a flying family. Interestingly, she is also married to a Pilot.
We got talking to her and she shared her Career history with us. She is simply a combination of both: beauty and brains.
What inspired you?
My dad and older sister. My dad is a brilliant pilot and a fantastic father. Growing up, he was always encouraging, ready to teach. Its ironic 5 of us his kids are pilots because he only ever talked about the technical side of flying, but the passion he exuded was contagious and we wanted to be like him. My older sister started flying 3 years before I did and she made it look easy, she still does, she’s a trailblazer for me.
Where did you train?
I trained in Central flying academy in South Africa, my ATPL in Aviation Atlanta, U.S and my Masters in Air Transport Management at City, University of London.
The journey so far..
I went to flying school at 17, started flying commercially at 19. Became a Captain at 25. I flew the Dash 8, B737, Q400, now on the Embraer 135/145. Got married to my best friend, we have two kids. At 33, I still enjoy flying and I look forward to taking on new challenges.
Your advice to the young ones…
When an article like this is written, there’s only so many words we can put on paper, so I will summarize. There are a lot of sweat and tears during the journey that will fill up a book. So if you’re reading this and you perhaps assume it should come quick and easy, I’m afraid it doesn’t. When the challenges come, and they will, push through and don’t give up, never do.
ow do you cope as a wife, mother and a Pilot?
Women, we all have the same challenges, whether you’re in banking or a tailor, you will have schedules or workload that can be stressful. You will manage your home and career better when you have a supportive partner and I am grateful I have that. I have to give kudos to my husband. He is kind, funny, extremely supportive, pushes me to even take on more challenges, he is always there to help out with the kids, he is understanding and believes a woman should not stop growing just because she got married. It also helps that he’s a pilot, I can always bounce ideas off him, CAOTW!, lol, it’s an inside joke.

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  1. Captain Isi Eghonghon

    My woman, my best friend ! So proud of you, I would do all I can to support you to achieve greater heights . Never regretted getting married to this amazing woman, she inspires me to be greater. She is truly the CAOTW * captain all over the world* I love you Bae. I wish you you well in all your endeavours. Solid woman !!!